Synergistic Care

Pixel Health helps clients optimize the development, design and adoption of Clinical

Communications and Collaboration (CC&C) systems into clinical workflows for physicians, nurses, and ancillary support services. We call this Synergistic Care™. To do this, we customize and integrate a dynamic approach to evaluate and orchestrate a deployment strategy that improves care measures, clinical workflows, patient throughput, transitions of care, patient safety, and satisfaction/retention.


At Pixel Health, we believe that to be successful in achieving full adoption and interoperability of technology into workflows, our clients must first recognize the relationship between the technology and the human factor. Therefore, we don’t redesign humans, but instead assess the relationship between humans, technology, and the systems with which they interact. Our expertise in clinical workflow and process development to focus on improving efficiency, ease of practice, productivity, and satisfaction unifies secure clinical communication with critical workflow.


When you drive your new car off the lot, it immediately depreciates in value. The same happens with your technology. Even when it’s up to date, it constantly evolves and develops, and systems become obsolete quicker than ever.  Pixel’s Synergistic Care™ helps you: