Strategy and Transformation

While clinicians deliver the best care possible to their patients, it is vital to address and tackle inequities in population health. Pixel’s Strategy and Transformation practice ensures the patient experience is seamless throughout their time with the healthcare system. We partner with clients to enhance and streamline Growth and Sustainability, Patient Experience, Business Operations, Partnerships, Acquisitions and Integration, Clinical Operations, Workflow and Virtual Care, and PACS and VNA. This work allows the Pixel team to build relationships with clients and create sustainability between clinicians and the technology they interface with every day.

Service Offerings

Growth and Sustainability

  • Senior Level Organizational Consulting
  • Data Management
  • Economic driven IT Governance

Patient Experience

  • Digital Front Door
  • Telehealth/Virtual Care/Mobile Engagement
  • Hospital at home
  • Patient Access

Clinical Operations, Workflow, and Virtual Care

Business Operations

  • Rev Cycle and Process
  • Management Consulting
  • Business and Compliance
  • Government Program Assistance
  • Sustainability/ESG/Utility Procurement Consulting

Partnerships, Acquisitions, and Integration

  • Venture capital and PE Consulting
  • M&AaaS – Multidisciplinary Integration Post-Transaction


  • Assessment/RFP Design/Implementation 
  • Interim Leadership

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Strategy and Transformation Efforts

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