Designed specifically for hospitals and health systems, Pixel’s Patchforce™ is an expanded and more sophisticated method for outsourcing patching that is typically performed by internal IT staff or Managed Service Provider (MSP) organizations. While often considered a low priority, multi-million-dollar ransomware attacks often bring the issue of patching to the forefront of a company’s IT security strategy. Patchforce™ is cost-effective and protects you from one of the healthcare industry’s most prominent security breaches – unpatched vulnerabilities.


Healthcare is all we do at Pixel. Our experts understand hospital workflow and process and know how to communicate with application and clinical stakeholders to perform patching during optimum maintenance. Pixel’s Patchforce™ was designed to counter the common objections to patching that it causes crashes and isn’t worth the resources. Pixel Health engineers assume responsibility for efficiency, integrity, and security of all patch cycles.


Pixel’s Patchforce™ is an effective alternative to expensive, time-consuming, and resource intensive in-house server patching programs designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals. A fixed rate (based on server count) allows for the outsourcing of server operating system patching of Linux, Microsoft, and VMware-based servers on a monthly and quarterly schedule, eliminating the need for internal oversight, coordination of maintenance windows, communication with system administrators and application owners, and emergency patch response.