Healthcare is a huge target for cyberattackers. It’s no secret that cyberattacks on healthcare delivery organizations are on the rise. Security breaches often result in the theft of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and the corruption of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). They can be highly disruptive and negatively affect patients.

70% of surveyed healthcare organizations report that ransomware attacks led to longer patient stays and delays in procedures resulting in poorer outcomes, including an increase in patient mortality.

As long as cyberattacks are profitable for hackers, they will increase in frequency and sophistication. Thanks to ever-increasing care management complexities, including patient and asset mobility, attack surfaces will continue to expand.

To combat the threats and manage business risks, most health systems are increasing cybersecurity spending, but it takes more than new technologies. With a predicted 1.8M in security workforce shortage in 2022, Pixel Health can help.  As one of the first certified Medigate Partner-Ready Operational Services (PROS), our healthcare security experts provide tech-enabled services to help design, implement, manage, and sustain your cybersecurity program.


Securing Your Medical Devices

Clinical networks and the risks posed by the devices that connect to them present unique challenges. Medical devices, their proprietary transmission protocols, and the fact that they connect to patients proves the point. Cross-industry cybersecurity services rarely translate to healthcare, but Pixel Health’s deep healthcare experience provides you with the clinical network expertise, medical device knowledge and understanding of clinical operations needed to protect your organization.

Why Certified PROS?

Medigate PROS is a first-of-its-kind healthcare-specialized cyber-physical services program. PROS is based on Medigate’s proven security operations maturity roadmap. It was distilled from Medigate’s experience and partnership with more than 130 health delivery organizations spanning more than 1,000 facilities. The program ensures a standards-driven, trusted path to best practices — ensuring your organization gets maximum value from your cybersecurity investments.

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