Enhancing your customer’s experience and providing social media access choices are the focal point of Intake Optimization services with emphasis on cost control and operational efficiency. Supporting your network architecture, our services are designed to meet your networking needs by addressing telecom carrier selection, Toll Free network design, IVR and ACD routing, digital and social media access and network disaster recovery. We provide:

icon_Data Collection

Review and assessment of data collection metrics

icon_Call Flow

Call Flow Analysis


Workforce management design to assure effective scheduling and adherence

icon_Staffing Analysis

Staffing analysis to highlight gaps and issues

icon_Intake Staff

Patient Intake staff augmentation

Case Story

Operator Services Consolidation

Pixel Health worked to help a client streamline operations and reduce costs.  Our team:

  • Conducted a thorough review of five independent operator service teams and performed stakeholder interviews to develop comprehensive analysis of current state including an assessment of organizational structure and responsibilities.
  • Identified operational steps to consolidate groups and implement best practices through a phased implementation plan.
  • Researched and recommended best technology platforms to support operational objectives.


  • Five independent service teams consolidated to 1 operator service contact center with geographical diversity for business continuity.
  • Improved efficiency via unified, streamlined processes
  • Cost savings per reduction in FTE requirements.

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